Lead the way with Narke; introducing a truly stunning electric jetski… 

Skimming and carving confidently through the chop, breathing in the freshness of the sea spray and fully experiencing the life-affirming feelings of getting out on the water in a truly breath-taking and innovative craft.

Narke is a whole new genre in personal watercraft with its carbon-reinforced composite design, bold lines and sleek styling. Product development, clean design and the use of environmentally-conscious raw materials have been the primary focus of Narke’s design team since its inception.

The Electrojet was first conceived by György Tóthfalussy and Péter Rádi. Their commitment as engineers to clean energy, and the contribution of György Juhász and Ákos Réder, who have brought their vast experience in electric navigation and in designing the COMO electric yacht, have yielded the desired results.

The team quickly grew and by today there are more than 40 people developing the Narke and making sure it is ready for its debut. Working together in the development and production centre in Balatonvilágos, on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Their dedication to innovation and thrilling design is absolute.

Technical Information for the Narke GT45

Dry Weight (without optional equipment)
Maximum Load
Height (measured from baseline)
Classification Category
Capacity3 Persons

A range of additional colour options and accessories are also available including a quick charger.

  • Narke eDrive: 3 phase asynchronous motor
  • Maximum output – 45kW
  • Maximum torque – 65.5Nm
  • Top speed (restricted) – 55km/h
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity – 24kWh
  • Operating time per charge (up to) – 1.5 hours
  • Charge time (With optional fast charger and depending on local energy infrastructure. Charge time corresponds to a charge of 80% maximum capacity) – <2 hours
  • Charge time (With household socket and depending on local energy infrastructure. Charge time corresponds to a charge of 80% maximum capacity) – <6 hours

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