It all starts with water! Time to pick up some waves and splash your way to fun and relaxation…

“We want you to enjoy all important aspects of life. We want you to have fun. To make memories with your loved ones. To enjoy absolute freedom. To have your heart filled with unforgettable moments. To discover beautiful places. To relax. But also to feel excited and getting that adrenaline rush. How? By sharing our passion for watersports.

The Jobe boating lifestyle is the perfect fusion of fun. Whether you are ruthlessly enjoying your PWC or spending your time on the boat together with your family; Jobe makes sure every #jobemoment is a moment of fun for everyone.”

Jobe Sports International 2019

Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand up paddling on a Jobe board is an incredible exercise routine. You can easily traverse a few miles and burn hundreds of calories an hour under recreational conditions. And you will work out a variety of muscle groups, whilst your core strength and balance will also improve. Best of all, this is a low-impact sport, so your joints are protected. It’s a full body workout that most other sports can’t offer.


Tubing has long been one of the most beloved water sports. It has come a long way since the typical black inner tube that was once used. From tubing on your knees, stomach or in the seated position there are more ways than ever to enjoy this sport. Challenging and fun for family and friends. You are guaranteed some hilariously daft moments with this activity.

Jobe Airstream Towables have a set number of riders they can carry. If you are buying one for your family, it is important to think about how many people are going to be riding at a time. When your children bring their friends there could be a rather excited queue for a turn on your floaty!


Gliding gracefully along the water behind a powerboat, with the sun on your shoulders, smoothly carving into turns or adrenaline-soaked high-speed action. You can choose your water skiing style to suit your mood…Jobe’s water skis are ever evolving with thrilling new designs and shapes. Their skis are all carefully constructed with a with a skier type, speed and skier size or build in mind to get the achieved result: a great time on the water!

There are many different styles of skis available. Whether you are a slalom skier, using a single ski to navigate a course of buoys at high speeds, a trick skier performing challenging gyrations and jumping off ramps, or a beginner starting with your first pair of combination or combo skis.

Combo skis are ideal for beginners, they’re wide in the front with a large surface area that makes them more stable. For example, Jobe’s Hemi Trainer water skis come with trainer bars to connect the skis to quickly develop your confidence in the water and get you off to a flying start!

Even if you quickly advance to single ski slalom skiing, the basic combo skis will come in handy for teaching your friends and family. Picking the right water ski will result in even more family fun. Whether you are buying your first slalom water ski, kid’s combo skis, or simply replacing your old equipment, Jobe’s water skis have you covered.


Wakeboarding is a glorious summer version of winter’s snowboarding. Similar to the great conditions of having a mountain full of fresh snow, wakeboarding delivers the perfect conditions every time. An ideal activity for thrill seeking, water loving individuals. When choosing a Jobe wakeboard ensure you look for key features such as size, flex and shape of the board. In addition, Jobe’s innovative multi-position boards offer maximum flexibility and family fun for a wide range of riders.

Once you become more comfortable on these wakeboards you will also start to develop preferences when it comes to what size suits you best. A shorter board will glide over the water slower than its larger counterpart. While they may not glide as quickly, they are experts at doing flips and tricks. Easy to manoeuvre, these Jobe boards require more skill to land with success. Just like skateboards or snowboards, wakeboards have flex. This describes the amount of bend a board has. Flex can help you get pop off the wake, propelling you even higher into the air. It also aids in carving.

The bottom of a wakeboard can vary. Smooth bottomed boards will give the rider complete control. They are able to spin and pop to their hearts desire whilst a channelled bottom gives the rider a smoother landing. Once again, as you get more experience on the water you will develop a preference for what feels best for you.

Getting in Touch

In addition to our fantastic range of powered boards and sleds, SUP's, wakeboards and skis, toys, towables and other items to make your boating even more fun, if you have a specific requirement we are more than happy to assist. Please do get in contact with us if we can be of help. Call us on 0330 11 30 800 between 9:00am and 5:30pm on Monday to Friday.