Simply astonishing: your exploration redefined…

The iBubble is likely to become the benchmark in the underwater drone market. Be the first to own one! 

More than an untethered autonomous underwater drone, iBubble is your faithful companion and fully autonomous personal filmmaker, creating highly proficient movies to enjoy with your family and friends. With its unparalleled speed and agility, iBubble offers you exceptional views of all your dives and new discoveries. You will be completely free to enjoy your underwater experience, whether snorkelling, diving or even while seated comfortably on your yacht, while iBubble cleverly does the rest.


iBubble makes filming deceptively easy with its intelligent software and pre-programmed settings for easy professional looking filming underwater.

iBubble positions itself behind you, slightly tilted and above. It films you as well as the environment ahead of you. Building up the excitement as you head towards your dive site.

iBubble positions itself ahead of you and films what you see. A first-person view of a mysterious new environment.

iBubble positions itself to your right and films you from the side. A fantastic way to capture a beautiful reef or a shadowy wreck with you in the frame.

iBubble circles around you and films inwards. An excellent shot for a group having fun, perfect to mark a special occasion.

When commanded, iBubble heads towards you and shuts down its propellers. Ideal if you have spotted a rare creature or have made an intriguing discovery. Once you let it go, iBubble quietly turns its propellers back on and switches back to the last used setting.

iBubble stops and stabilizes itself at this depth. You can move away from it while it independently films a stunning panoramic view of the environment.

iBubble positions itself behind you and tilts down when you dive, a perfect moment captured as you daringly head below and dive even deeper…With its ability to avoid any obstacle and its quiet operation, iBubble respects underwater creatures and their delicate ecosystems, as carefully as it captures their beauty and intrigue.


iBubble is compatible with Go Pro or other action cameras which are required and not included e.g. Go Pro Hero 3. These cameras are widely available and can be used for all of your sports and entertainment activities.


iBubble automatically detects its charge level and when it becomes too low, iBubble returns to your location. If you are near the boat, you can also send it directly to the surface. If the battery is completely empty, iBubble will slowly rise to the surface thanks to its slightly positive buoyancy.

iBubble Packages

With the optional Explorer Pack iBubble can be used by yacht crews and owners to carefully and efficiently check the condition of a yacht while afloat or to identify ideal spots for diving without the need to enter the water. With its 2 integrated wide-angle lights of 1000 lumens each, it films in any circumstances and can unmistakably illuminate areas of interest. Use the Explorer pack to transform iBubble into the best R.O.V. on the market and control it from your smartphone.

The Explorer Edition contains iBubble along with its complementary 60m/200ft cable, in one package.

With the iBubble Premium Edition, get everything you need to make your trips unforgettable. With its exclusive Premium Explorer Pack, including a dedicated remote and 100m/300ft of cable, you will be able to explorer further into the depths. Also included with this package are the iBubble hardcase, 2 extra batteries and their dual charger.

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