Simply exceptional design… 

Awake, the premium electric surfboard company based in Limhamn, Sweden transcends to a new level of this thrilling water sport. Be the first to own one! 

The RÄVIK redefines mobility on water. The result, a machine that empowers the rider to achieve speeds of up to 56 kph in seconds. Whether you wish to elegantly glide across still water, bravely surf the chop or carve impressively steep turns, the streamlined, hydrodynamic carbon body of the RÄVIK is designed to inspire you.

The superior torque in the RÄVIK is thanks to its patent-pending drivetrain. Awake Direct Drive enables a highly efficient water propulsion that bypasses the losses that are usually experienced in traditional, jet-propelled water crafts. The handheld, wireless throttle is ergonomically designed to reflect the sophisticated power of the Awake board with a clear display showing battery level, speed, and rider mode. In addition, there are multiple safety sensors throughout the system. This includes fundamental features such as temperature monitoring and automatic system shutdown if the board is turned upside down. The magnetically-triggered Power key ensures that the board will not continue on its own without the rider.

Composite materials allow for a lightweight craft, essential for achieving high speeds. Premium composites allow the board to withstand hard impacts whilst protecting the vital electrical components inside. The board’s hull is built to last.

The 11 kW brushless electric motor amply delivers the torque necessary to propel the rider to high speeds in mere seconds. A precision-machined impeller and housing parts ensure maximized efficiency and awe-inspiring acceleration. Watertight seals, combined with water from the environment, eliminates the need for any internal coolants, resulting in minimal maintenance. After use, simply rinse with fresh water.

The Awake RÄVIK is designed to facilitate maximum ease-of-use, both in and out of the water. The exchangeable battery pack is easily swapped by a single movement. The battery pack features an integrated LED indicator, letting the rider know when it is time to go back to shore. The wireless throttle is ergonomically and intuitively designed for ease-of-use while the display monitors speed and other information significant to the rider.

In addition, the Awake board features a Fidlock removable handle system throughout, enabling the user to quickly swap or remove handles according to their preferences. Awake’s custom made foot straps are also adjustable in both size and position depending on the user’s preferred riding position. To achieve a traditional surfing experience, simply remove the bindings and enjoy the freedom to move around the board. Experiment and enjoy.


Top speed30 knots / 56 kph
Acceleration0-50 kph in 4 seconds
Dimensions179 x 61 x 22 cm
Runtime40 minutes of mixed riding
Battery typeExchangeable battery
Charge time80 minutes
ControlsWireless throttle
MaterialCarbon fibre body
WeightComplete board inc. battery pack: 35 kg


  • Power pack
  • Speed charger
  • Wireless throttle
  • Throttle induction charger
  • Magnetic power key
  • Foot straps
  • Performance fins
  • Board bag on wheels


  • Additional batteries are also available

Safety Recommendations

Users must check the area of use and follow all relevant safety advice. This powered board is for competent swimmers only and users should always wear an appropriate helmet and buoyancy aid/impact vest. Helmets, buoyancy aids/impact vests and other appropriate clothing or wetsuits should be professionally fitted for the individual user and are not included.

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